I wish I could be there…you're my hero

Postado Agosto 14, 2017

A close friend has since assured everyone that Sinead is OK and "safe" following her latest public meltdown and now Apple has offered the singer her support in a video, in which she states, "Hello Sinead O'Connor, I'm Fiona Apple". "What sick part of your head failed to hear that you are being prosecuted and sent to jail by me, for forgery and for facilitating my suicide four times as well as failing to act to save my life.?"

O'Connor's rant sparked fear among her loyal fans - but a friend of the Grammy victor responded on her Facebook page to let them know she was fine. And there's absolutely nobody in my life except my doctor, my psychiatrist - the sweetest man on earth, who says I'm his hero - and that's about the only f***ing thing keeping me alive at the moment. and that's kind of pathetic.

Sinead O'Connor had many people anxious after she appeared distressed in a recent Facebook video, detailing her struggle with mental illness and claiming that she's "fighting to stay alive every day". And I wish I could be there. You've given me so much and I wish I could be there. And I wish I could be there. "I'm your friend, that's all I want to say, and you're my hero". "And you're my hero", Apple said.

O'Connor, who is best known for her 1990 arrangement of the Prince song "Nothing Compared 2 U", has been battling various mental illnesses like post-traumatic stress syndrome over the past few years.

Taking to Facebook to directly address her most recent manager, Bruce Garfield, the singer posted an expletive-filled rant containing some strong and emotional claims. And today I woke up beaming smiling for no reason at all.

Watch Apple's message up top and see O'Connor's original video above.

"I'm fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting, like all the millions and millions that I know I'm one of, to stay alive everyday, which I'm doing because I love the people that are doing this to me", she said.