AMC looking to block MoviePass service after price slashing

Postado Agosto 16, 2017

MoviePass' newest owners, Helios and Matheson have longterm plans "to eventually collect data on viewing behaviors from a large base of moviegoers".

If you'd still like to sign up, keep in mind that the service does not have a family offer. Notice I didn't say "participating theaters" - because these exhibition chains have been fighting MoviePass from the start. Well, a company named MoviePass is looking to change your moviegoing experience by offering customers $10 a month memberships that can be used to watch a movie every single day for an entire month. He took over the CEO position at MoviePass in June 2016.

The new plan is the same as many startups these days.

MoviePass could lose a lot of money subsidising people's movie habits.

To subsidize the screenings of its subscribers, MoviePass sold a majority stake to Helios and Matheson Analytics, a small publicly traded data firm based in NY. To us, not many movies are worth the $80-ish price tag after the cost of tickets and snacks, so we typically wait for Blu-ray or for films to hit Netflix.

Alright, so which movie are we all going to see first with our monthly subscription?! You're likely not alone. In turn, MoviePass pays the theater for the ticket in full.

Other theater chains have also fallen from favor, and were down again today. So far, we have not received a reply and we'll update this post when we do.

The deal also calls for MoviePass to go public by the end of January 2018. According to Variety, the service is usable at over 91% of USA theaters, including chains such as AMC, Regal, and Cinemark. However, he believes that MoviePass will be able to prove its value to movie theaters and studios, and that in the future they will cut the company in on their additional profits.

Now, things are getting even more affordable.

Mitch Lowe, who used to work at Netflix but became the MoviePass CEO previous year, told Bloomberg that streaming services aren't what's hurting movie theater attendance.

But what do you do once you get to the theater?

People aren't going to be mad at AMC if MoviePass fails (well, they might be now).

The MoviePass deal will give you a card.

One of the most intriguing subscription services in the USA just became even more enticing.

Lowe, also former president of Redbox, became CEO of MoviePass previous year.

But honestly, I don't care if MoviePass blows through stacks of cash and targets me with some Raisinet ads.

Ten bucks! For unlimited movies?