Collegiate Kicker Scores Full Scholarship

Postado Agosto 20, 2017

During a practice this week, Bowling Green coach Mike Jinks had a proposition for walk-on kicker Jake Suder: Drill a 53-yard field goal and get a scholarship.

Bowling Green State University sophomore Jake Suder was set to play this upcoming football season without school assistance.

Suder nailed it. That video is awesome, featuring the kick going through the uprights and Suder's teammates then mobbing him.

The big kick occurred on Tuesday.

Incidentally, his longest field goal in a game past year was from 44 yards and he never even attempted one over 50.

"I was already in that practice mode and no matter what kick I have, I enter it with a clear mind each and every time so.I heard him say it in the background but I didn't really process it through my brain so I could stay focused for that kick", Suder told TMZ Sports.

Suder told TMZ he could make a field goal from over 60 yards out, given the right conditions.

"Knock this one down for a full scholarship", Jinks told Suder.

Suder was the Falcons primary kicker a year ago, making nine of 12 field goal attempts and 35 of 38 extra points, but none of the kicks were as big as the one he made with his tuition on the line.

Bowling Green opens its season at Michigan State on September 2.