Debt ceiling threat another Trump folly

Postado Agosto 26, 2017

"I would just say that I think it's important that we all stay unified as Republicans to complete our agenda", Ryan said.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to shut down the Government, if necessary, to make sure his proposed wall along the Mexican border is approved and funded by lawmakers. "We know that the wall and other security measures at the border work", Sanders said in response to an inquiry from ABC News Chief White House Correspondent Jonathan Karl.

The conflict between President Donald Trump and Congress escalated a day after he threatened to shut down the federal government over funding for a US-Mexico border wall and targeted opponents in Congress, aggravating tensions as a hard legislative agenda looms. There has been little indication that Republican leadership would be willing to risk a government shutdowns over to get their way certain funding for a wall, as shutdowns can cost the federal government billions of dollars, and tend to be politically unpopular.

The White House has sought federal funding for the wall, which is spending Democrats have pledged not to back in a bill.

Congress must pass funding legislation and a debt-ceiling hike by the end of September in order to avert a shutdown and debt default, respectively.

"I don't think a government shutdown is necessary and I don't think most people want to see a government shutdown, ourselves included", the leader of the Republican-controlled House said at a news conference in OR where he was promoting tax reform.

"If the President pursues this path, against the wishes of both Republicans and Democrats, as well as the majority of the American people, he will be heading towards a government shutdown which nobody will like and which won't accomplish anything", the New York Democrat said in a statement.

If so, let them pay for the wall; them and Trump, of course.

Wednesday, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he and Trump share "very legitimate concerns" about the border, but said a shutdown is "not in our interest". When asked in March about how much the wall was a priority for him this year, he replied, "I'm in favor of border security".

Trump is now at odds not only with Democrats, who cemented their objections to funding the wall on Wednesday, but also with Republicans, who must reconcile his brash rhetoric with the governing realities of Congress.

Democrats are staunchly opposed to funding for the wall, setting up a challenge and tense negotiations over the Government's funding.