Razer launches Wolverine Ultimate customisable controller for Xbox One and PC

Postado Agosto 26, 2017

Razer has announced a new Xbox One controller which will come with customisable RGB lighting, adjustable triggers and a choice of interchangeable analogue sticks and D-pads.

The Wolverine Ultimate is a corded controller that possesses four extra buttons on the bottom (M3 to M6), as well as two buttons between the trigger sets (M1 and M2).

When Microsoft first unveiled Xbox One's $150 Elite controller, many questioned what kind of market there was for high-end, customizable gamepads. You can choose from an 16.8 million colours in various pulsing or swirling patterns. This basically permits developers to incorporate advanced lighting functionalities for Xbox One games and console controllers.

The buttons and triggers are created to offer gamers increased accuracy and response time, and can be remapped using Razer's Synapse software on Xbox and PC.

Anyway, the Wolverine features integrated RGB light strips that can be modified and customized using the Razer Synapse for the Xbox, along with 16.8 million color variations that can be cycled through static, spectrum cycling, breathing, wave and more.

"We've taken our time with the development of the Razer Wolverine Ultimate to really get it right", says Min-Liang Tan, Razer co-founder and CEO.

The device is priced at $159 and will be available from September 2017.

The controller will also include a carrying-case, a 10-foot braided micro-USB cable, and a 3.5mm audio jack for the headset as well as sound controls, which will allow you to access the mute and volume features. A bog standard wireless Xbox One controller costs £50, then there are the special editions - that Minecraft Xbox piggy pad costs £65 - and £70 design-your-own variants, not to mention the aptly named Elite pad for £120. It's available for US$160 in the U.S. and €180 in Europe.