Minnesota Red Cross Volunteers Head To Texas For Hurricane Victims

Postado Agosto 28, 2017

"All the resources getting there, hopefully we can catch up with all the people that need the help and be able to provide anything they need before tragedy happens".

The team of first responders says they're ready for hurricane relief efforts. Some shelters are seriously understaffed: There are six people in Corpus Christi in a shelter with 900 hurricane victims, Blake said, because convoys were unable to get there during the storm.

Hurricane Harvey will make landfall tonight along the Texas Gulf Coast with over 100 miles per hour winds and up to 35 inches of rain, leading to devastating and life-threatening flooding.

"The images coming out of Texas are heartbreaking and hard to imagine", said Governor Wolf.

"I hope the gas prices don't go up because there are too many people struggling now trying to make a living", said another customer. However, officials said depending on conditions, their arrival point could change even before they get there, simply because this situation is still so fluid.

While Harvey may soon weaken to a tropical depression, it's now stalled over the region and continues to pound the area with catastrophic wind and rain, which officials believe will last for "four to five days" and cause "catastrophic flooding". Check out the following organizations for ways on how you can help. The team is comprised of search, rescue, planning, logistics, hazmat, and medical professionals.

"It's something we train for all the time", he added. At approximately 4:10 p.m. Sunday, the Texas Military Department tweeted that the National Guard will be increasing active troops to 3,000.

"I was driver with the fire department. We're thankful for their dedication to help others in a time of need".

An elite urban rescue team from Miami-Dade is heading to Houston to help with search missions through areas flooded by Harvey.

Stillinger said they also have the power to set up shelters for evacuees.

It has already been discussed as a contingency plan, as Hurricane Harvey which could ravage the Houston area for a few of more days.

"We'll stay on duty as long as we're needed", Stillinger said.