Kendall Jenner sued over t-shirts

Postado Setembro 14, 2017

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star must be so over 2017. Al Pereira claims in his legal docs against Kendall Jenner Inc. that the model had no rights to use the image on her products without consulting him prior, reveals the news outlet.

Unfortunately for Kendall, this isn't the first time that she's gotten into trouble over her company's tees.

Remember the uproar over Kendall and Kylie Jenner's brand releasing T-shirts with their image superimposed over icons like Tupac and Biggie? The t-shirts printed legendary rappers-Biggie and Tupac amongst them-on vintage washed cotton, super imposing Kylie and Kendall's faces on top of them. "I have no idea why they feel they can exploit the deaths of 2pac and my Son Christopher to sell a t-shirt". Wallace wrote on Instagram that the Jenner's design choice was "disrespectful, disgusting and exploitation". "Stick to what you know...lip gloss". He's reportedly seeking $150,000 per photo used. "There has been no infringement or violation of anyone's rights". "These designs were not well thought out and we deeply apologize to anyone that has been upset and/or offended, especially to the families of the artists", Kylie and Kendall said in a joint statement. The former Victoria's Secret model went on explaining, "We are huge fans of their music and it was not our intention to disrespect these cultural icons in anyway".