Why did Apple avoid talking about Android in the iPhone X announcement?

Postado Setembro 14, 2017

This was followed by the Huawei P9 who worked with Leica to develop the RGB+Monochrome setup.But it was only when Apple did it past year with the iPhone 7 Plus that shook the industry awake and everyone followed suit across the price range. A later leak confirmed the news that the new iPhone models would be called the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the iPhone X instead.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will launch exclusively with EE on September 22, costing 399 U.S. dollars, the technology giant announced.

After Apple launched their iPhone range, the company hopes the new high-end phone, expected to be called the iPhone X, will silence critics who say the company has lost its innovation edge. "There's also Samsung's big rivalry with Apple to consider as the USA firm prepares to unveil its 10th anniversary iPhone the aptly titled iPhone X". It is believed that the smartphone will retail at a $1,000 price point, making this by far the most expensive member of the iPhone family thus far. Indeed, some reports have suggested that there will only be a limited supply of iPhone X devices initially, meaning that the first batch of iPhone X units is expected to sell out extremely rapidly. The company expects people to use this not just for unlocking the phone, but also for authenticating you when you pay for things with its Apple Pay payment system and in iPhone apps, too.

According to Apple, the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus provide roughly the same battery life as their predecessors (up to 14 hours talk time and 40 hours audio playback for the 4.7-inch model and 21 hours talk time and 60 hours audio playback for the iPhone 8 Plus). Or will the next special iPhone arrive ten years from now as the iPhone XX? Based on the iPhone X's November 3 ship date, that still seems unclear, though it will likely force sales estimates lower for the December quarter.

Apple even avoided a lot of the old standbys like OS update metrics or app store revenue. The iPhone X, as it was rumored previously, will sell for $999.

If Apple wants to retain the sense of consumer wonderment (and big profits), though, it's going to have to come up with another iPhone. The company skipped iPhone 9. Just like that, Apple took a way the essential Home Button and its TouchID in one go. Sure, there were already BlackBerrys and Palm Treos and an assortment of other handsets that were bigger and more capable than a flip phone, but they were not that easy to use and there wasn't all that much you could do with them. The iPhone 7 took away the 3.5mm headphone jack. See how the X's specs compare now, and check back later this month to see how it holds up in our full review.

Thus, it is now known as that the iPhone X will be the OLED-driven device that has been widely predicted in Apple-following circles.