Khamenei says slams 'deceitful' United States officials over nuclear deal

Postado Setembro 17, 2017

Iran would react strongly to any "wrong move" by the United States on Tehran's nuclear deal, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said, after President Donald Trump accused Iran of violating the "spirit" of the agreement.

US President Donald Trump has threatened to tear up the deal and his administration has been looking for grounds to declare Iran in non-compliance, despite repeated United Nations declarations that Tehran has stuck to its commitments.

"The Iranian nation is standing firmly, and any wrong move by the hegemonic system concerning the JCPOA would receive the Islamic Republic's reaction", the Leader stressed. Nevertheless, US officials stated that Washington will announce the continuation of sanctions relief for Iran in accordance with the deal.

After years of tension with the West, Iran struck a deal with Britain, China, France, Russia and the U.S. plus Germany in July 2015, under which Iran agreed to limit its uranium-enrichment activities in return for the lifting of western and worldwide sanctions.

The Leader of the Revolution went on to say: Today we witness, despite all the contracts, deals, and multiple talks regarding the JCPOA, the attitudes of the United States towards the negotiations and their outcomes are totally oppressive, hounding, and cruel.

"The Americans should know that the Iranian people will stand firm on their honourable positions and on important issues related to national interests, there will be no retreat by the Islamic Republic", he said.

The news comes as the Trump administration is seemingly struggling to put the nuclear deal in question.

"They (United States) can choose the right path and also enter the room where the food is served".

It stopped short of explicitly barring such activity.