Two killings in Louisiana believed to be racially motivated

Postado Setembro 17, 2017

Smart had a son and two daughters, she said.

Gleason was linked to the two murders through shell casings from the shootings, and his auto matches a description of the suspect vehicle, according to Baton Rouge Police Sergeant L'Jean McKneely.

Baton Rouge, La., police began a citywide manhunt Friday for a gunman believed to have killed two pedestrians this week in apparently random shootings.

A Baton Rouge Police Department spokesman says the person who was brought in for questioning in connection to two shootings that may be related has not been charged in connection to the case, but was arrested on unrelated drug charges.

The suspect, Kenneth Gleason, was being held on drug charges because law enforcement did not have enough evidence to charge him with murder. The first happened Tuesday night and took the life of Bruce Cofield, a 59-year-old man who may have been homeless.

She declined to comment on police allegations that her nephew might have been shot because of the colour of his skin.

McKneely said shell casings from the shootings linked the two slayings, and a auto belonging to Gleason fit the description of the vehicle police were looking for. Donald Smart, a 49-year-old café worker, died at the scene from multiple gunshot wounds in the second shooting on Thursday, police said. L'Jean McKneely told the AP that there was circumstantial evidence that suggested the killings were racial motivated. Gleason admitted ownership of the marijuana after he was read his Miranda rights. She said it was "hard to believe this sort of thing is still happening".