Police officer shoots man holding stick in Oklahoma City

Postado Setembro 20, 2017

She was able to get away to call for help, but police said both of her wrists were broken when she was trying to get away from Klingler.

After the initial investigation 10:50 a.m. that morning, CPD and Grady County district attorney investigators obtained a search warrant for Klingler's property at 3507 S. 4th St.in Chickasha. "The perimeter officer went to drag him to cover where a tourniquet was applied to his upper right arm", Music said. When the door was breached, police said Klingler opened fire on the officers.

New information has been released on what led up to 7 officers being hurt in a shoot-out Sunday afternoon in Chickasha.

Sgt. Matthew Schoolfield, a 10-year veteran of the department, was hit immediately three times. Schoofield suffered at least three bullet wounds and his bullet-proof vest stopped at least two more rounds, Music said. "He was able to make his way on his own to a perimeter officer and collapsed", Music said. "In addition, you need to know, no member of the Chickasha Police Department or any other agency left their post, but they stood their ground against an assailant who had attempted grievous harm on a woman within our community". Music said the suspect Warren Klingler barricaded himself inside this house firing multiple shots sending two to the hospital.

The victim, struck by the gunfire, and died at the scene, he said.

Music said a total of seven officers were injured in one way or another.

Klingler was armed with a semiautomatic.308 rifle.

Klingler was released from the hospital and booked into the Grady County Jail.

Chief Music credits law enforcement from Grady County, Caddo County, Ninnekah, OHP and the Lighthorse PD with helping them get the situation under control. "He grabbed the woman by her wrists, attempting to pull her in the vehicle", said Jessica Brown with the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

The Schoolfield and Ramirez families have thanked everyone for their support but request privacy, Music said.

An account has been set up at First National Bank in Chickasha for the families of the injured officers.