'Price is Right' Contestants Make $80k History!!!

Postado Setembro 23, 2017

On Friday, three contestants spun up $1 on the big wheel five times in a row in the Showcase Showdown, winning a combined $80,000 for their wonderful luck.

Friday, after an fantastic five $1 spins on the Wheel, a total of $80,000 was awarded.

At one point, even host Drew Carey was jumping up and down.

I don't think anyone expected contestants to hit $1.00 on five spins in a row (though two of the first three spinners needed both of their spins to reach the magic $1.00 mark).

"That was insane, everybody's going to record this one. history!"

Social media was in disbelief at the incredible streak.

In an interview with CBS Local last week, Drew Carey teased that there would be an "outrageous" moment during premiere week.

"We couldn't believe what was happening, my jaw was hanging down", Carey said. "It's going to be our biggest viral moment ever".