May warns of 'crisis of faith' if United Nations refuses to reform

Postado Setembro 24, 2017

The world is now facing a raft of challenges "that test who we are", the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom told the General Assembly, noting that while many, such terrorism - which struck her country five times this year - did not recognize worldwide borders, they could be addressed by a strong, agile United Nations that upholds global order and values.

Britain will set aside 30 million pounds ($40.5 million) of its 90 million-pound membership fee which it will only pay to those parts of the organization it judges to have achieved "sufficient results", May told the UN General Assembly in NY on Wednesday.

Mrs May said: "Those of us who hold true to our shared values, who hold true to that desire to defend the rules and high standards that have shaped and protected the world we live in, need to strive harder than ever to show that institutions like this United Nations can work for the countries that formed them, and for the people who we represent".

May's threat to withhold funding echoes a call for reform made by the Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, who is pushing for overhaul of some of the organization's troubled peacekeeping programs.

Tonight and tomrrow she is facing two challenges.

May's comments echoed similar statements by US President Donald Trump, who said earlier this week that bureaucracy and mismanagement were keeping the United Nations from living up to its potential.

In her general assembly address, Mrs.

"As the global system struggles to adapt, some countries are deliberately flouting worldwide rules", she said, citing the "unforgivable use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime", and the threat of nuclear weapons use by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

In the rest of her speech, she also highlighted the importance of the Paris climate change agreement which Mr. Trump has threatened to pull out of. Security Council members should be "prepared to take all necessary measures" to exert pressure on Kim Jong-un and restore stability to the Korean peninsula, she said.

Minutes later, she held a meeting with the president, who said he expected the U.S. to do "a lot of trading with the UK".

Following her criticism of the Us president's "unhelpful" speculation over the botched London Underground bombing at Parsons Green; Mrs May struck a more conciliatory tone today.

Mrs May specifically condemned the "unforgiveable" use of chemical weapons by Bashar Assad's regime in Syria and the "outrageous" development of nuclear weapons by North Korea.