Robbers dig 600-meter tunnel in Sao Paulo

Postado Outubro 04, 2017

Brazilian authorities have arrested a gang that was planning to make the biggest heist in history.

Police thwarted a massive bank robbery bid in Brazil's Sao Paulo.

They dug a 500-meter deep tunnel leading to Banco do Brasil's vault.

The thieves had worked for four months on their underground passage, which began under a rented house and was created to exit inside a main vault rammed with cash in Bank of Brazil.

It had sophisticated supports, fans and lights. The arrests were reportedly done after the tunnel was completed. According to the version of the investigation, suspects planned to steal a billion reels (USD 318 million).

The gang members spent over a million dollars on the construction of the tunnel but a successful plan would have left them with a lot more money.

Some of the gang are known to police, and had been involved in several other high profile heists.

Earlier this year, a Brazilian gang stole $40 million from a vault in Paraguay. They have also confirmed that all the leaders have been arrested.