Vijay Mallya says many allegations are extraordinary

Postado Outubro 04, 2017

"I have not eluded any court".

He was granted bail and released on a bond of £60,000 and will appear in court for next hearing on November 20, 2017. Ahead of the hearing, Mr. Mallya said he had "done nothing wrong" and described the allegations he was facing as "fabricated". I can not sometimes understand your pre-emptive questions.

Barbados Tridents owner, Vijay Mallya ... on bail following second arrest.

The defence agreed to review the evidence and will prepare its response before the actual extradition hearing on December 04.

Sources in New Delhi said the arrest was pursuant to the extradition request made by the Indian government based on money laundering charges against Mallya.

Mallya has been residing in England since fleeing India previous year March, preempting a move by the Indian government to freeze his passport and begin efforts to recover hundreds of millions of dollars he owed to 17 banks. The issue was raised on several occasions with the UK Government authorities in London.

He was arrested and released on bail in April this year following India's extradition request.

Mallaya, who has been staying in the United Kingdom for over a year now, is accused of defaulting on loans worth Rs. 9,000 crore to a group of public sector banks in India.

The extradition request was sent to the United Kingdom for their consideration under bilateral extradition treaty.

Speaking for the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), which is pursuing the case on behalf of the Indian government, barrister Mark Summers said the supplemental money laundering charges were made in India on June 14, which though compendious, would be broken into different charges by the CPS.