Drunk man claims he traveled from 2048 to warn of alien invasion

Postado Outubro 06, 2017

Bryant Johnson issued his grave warning to Casper police Monday night after officers were called about the man and his out-of-this-world message, according to an arrest report obtained by HuffPost.

Johnson told police he was in town visiting - from the year 2048.

Johnson told police the only way he was able to time-travel was to have aliens fill his body with alcohol and have him stand on a giant pad.

Johnson said that everyone needed to leave as quickly as possible and demanded to speak to the president of the town, KCWY said.

In a plot twist worthy of time travel masterpiece 12 Monkeys Johnson complained his time travelling had gone awry as he meant to turn up in 2018 not 2017.

But there was a glitch. He claimed he meant to travel to that year, but landed in 2017 by accident.

He apparently offered no explanation for why the aliens sent him ahead to warn people about an alien invasion.

Officers noted that Johnson had watery, bloodshot eyes, slightly slurred speech and the smell of alcohol coming from him, KTWO reported.

He was arrested for public intoxication and booked into the county jail.