11-year-old's touching reaction to adoption news captured on school's camera

Postado Outubro 11, 2017

Upon hearing the news from Jackie Alexander, a school official, Tannah leaps into her arms for a hug that never seems to end.

"She asked me if I would be sure to tell her sweet girl when she came to my desk for her daily visit".

Alexander thought the moment was so handsome that she got Fisher's permission and shared the video on social media.

She said she's spent the last two years wishing that a judge would allow her foster parents to become her forever parents.

Security cameras at the school captured the touching moment. She just held me tight.

Alexander, an employee at American Heritage of South Jordan in Utah, said she's known Tannah, a sixth-grade student, for almost two years.

Jen Fisher of West Jordan, Utah, told ABC News that seeing Tannah's reaction on video was priceless. In 12 years at this job, this is by far my best moment ever! "My heart was so happy". "I did not expect that from Tannah".

Jennifer Fisher says "I just thought oh, my gosh".

The video has gone viral, being viewed thousands of times online since the glorious day.

To tell a young lady that she gets her family always takes the cake.

"I just needed to let people know there's a lot gong on in the world and there's a lot of sadness that we see, but you know what?" "It's not something I get to do every day".