At 88.6%, Offaly has the highest percentage of Catholics in Ireland

Postado Outubro 12, 2017

'The most Catholic county in Ireland' has been revealed in newly released figures from the Central Statistics Office.


The data corresponds with figures from Kilkenny County Council earlier this year indicating the Travelling Community here has grown substantially in recent years. That figure represents 10.1% of the population, the second largest category, and has increased by over 4% in the last five years.

Catholicism is still the dominant religion in Ireland as 3.7m people declared themselves as Catholics in this year's Census, down 3.4 percent since 2011. Over half (53.9%) of all Travellers in the county were aged under 20, compared to just over 3 in 10 (30.9%) of the county's overall population.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the average age of marriage is much lower in Traveller families, with those families likely going on to have much more children than the average household.

In relation to "Ethnicity", those who indicated a "White Irish" ethnic or cultural background amounted to 139,178 people (87.4% of the county's population), a decline of 818 on 2011.

The next largest grouping - "Any Other White background" accounted for 6,969 persons (8.3%), an increase of 622. By 2016, this had increased to 4,755 people comprising 5.6% of the county's population.

The 3,845 Church of Ireland members made up 2.4% of Tipperary's population.

Over one in three of those with African ethnicity (38.6 percent) were born in Ireland (22,331 persons), along with 31.3 percent (2,126) of those with "other Black backgrounds". The average age of Catholics in the county was 37.5 years, compared to an average age of 37.4 years for the county overall. A further 675 (1.7%) stated they were of "Other, including mixed background" while 1,101 (2.7%) did not state their ethnic/cultural background. Their average age was 34.4 years, making them 2.8 years younger on average than the county's population overall. On average, Church of Ireland members in Tipperary were 3.4 years older (40.9 years) than the overall population in the county.

Orthodox (1,690) and Muslims (949) completed the top five.

Here is a summary of some of the headline results from Census 2016 for County Longford, together with comparisons for Leinster and the State.

The data also showed that the Irish Traveller population had grown by just over 5% from 29,495 in 2011 to 30,987 past year.