Breaking Bad house owners build fence after pizza stunts

Postado Outubro 12, 2017

The Quintanas, after all, have to live there, and while it may be neat to have your home be a part of TV history, not everyone always thinks of the day-to-day practicalities and hassles. Paul Siddell, visiting from Tuscon, Ariz, said he was pretty into it.

"We feel like we can't leave because when we do, something happens and that's ridiculous", Joanne Quintana told KOB.

On a weekly basis, Quintana said she loses count of how many people come to the house. In fact, the TV news crew saw 10 tourists visit the home in their first 15 minutes on the scene.

The woman who owns a property made famous by Breaking Bad is having to put up a six-foot iron fence to stop people lobbing pizza on her roof.

They can get nasty. She says some visitors even steal rocks from the landscaping as souvenirs.

The fence is now under construction and should be completed soon, but trespassers have already attempted to climb around it to take photographs with the iconic house, according to KOB 4.

'We don't want to gate ourselves in, ' she told the news channel. "We did nothing wrong". Weckiai Rannila said it's annoying at worst, but she applauds Quintana's fence.

Fans of Breaking Bad, you no longer can have nice things. He's become nearly a private police force, shooing people from properties.

"There is nothing amusing or original or cool about throwing pizza on this lady's roof", he said on a podcast for the show's spinoff, "Better Call Saul".