Doctor Abuses, Kicks Patient Out Of Clinic After Altercation

Postado Outubro 12, 2017

In the video, Stipe is seen telling the doctor that they should tell people with appointments when they won't be seen in a "timely manner".

Jessica Stipe was in so much pain that she was throwing up in the trash can in the waiting room of the Florida clinic where she had a 6:30 p.m. appointment on Monday, she says.

As Stipe and her daughter leave, the doctor asks if he's being recorded before snatching the cell phone. "I went to the front desk only because after Ms. Stipe received her refund, she refused to leave the office, and continued her abusive behavior towards staff".

Jessica Stipe shared the video of the doctor's explosive reaction on her Facebook page Monday after the incident at the Gainesville After-Hours Clinic where she had gone because she was "severely sick".

When he went to the waiting room, Gallogly said the two women "cursed and threatened him", after which he "lost his temper" and spoke to them "unprofessionally".

That's when she chose to confront her doctor, at about 7:45 p.m., she wrote, in an argument that quickly escalated and allegedly resulted in her daughter getting shoved. "Gallogly responds." Do you know how many people.

But later that night the Gainesville Police Department did open a criminal investigation, according to spokesman Officer Ben Tobias, reported. A representative at Gainesville After Hours said she had no comment on the matter but would forward calls to a manager.

The doctor says she'd be waiting three hours if she went to another clinic, nine hours if she went to the ER. She asked for her $80 copayment back. "Despite repeated requests from the office staff, she repeatedly demanded to see me instead of leaving". "Get your money and get the hell out".

It was here that physician Peter Gallogly came barging into the clinic's lobby, where he was recorded yelling in Stipes's face.

"Get the f-- out of my office", he screams, as Stipe's daughter tells the doctor to get away from her mom.

Regarding the doctor's statements, Stipe said they were "absolutely not true".

Stipe said he shoved her daughter when she tried to grab the phone back.

Stipe told CBS 4 she believes he attempted to delete the video and then threw the phone back at her.

"Then fine. Get the hell out", Gallogly says.