Fetus kicks through uterine wall

Postado Outubro 12, 2017

A pregnant woman had a shocking experience when her unborn baby kicked so hard that the child's leg poked out of her womb.

A 35-week-old fetus has managed to kick through the wall of its mother's uterus, according to doctors from Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in China.

The wound had come from a previous operation.

The expectant Ms Zhang was rushed to hospital in critical condition after she complained of severe stomach pain that lasted for hours.

Zhang's doctor, Zhong Shilin, said that the woman's uterus had a almost 3 inch long rupture.

The woman's medical history revealed she had undergone surgery to remove fibroids in 2016 and that the baby had torn through the scar tissue. Zhang's amniotic fluid had also begun to flow into her abdomen.

The baby was born by emergency caesarean section 10 minutes after the doctors made the discovery. Mother and the baby daughter were in stable condition, it was reported.

"Rupture pregnancy" is considered to be extremely rare.

Uterine rupture is reported to only be seen in 1 in 1,416, or 0.07% of pregnancies, but it can be extremely risky.

In 2016, a woman in France experienced a similar uterine rupture, where her baby's feet popped out of her womb through a 1 inch tear.

The woman didn't show symptoms, and didn't know about the rupture until coming in for a routine ultrasound, according to Live Science.

In a statement, the hospital said: "The doctor initially suspected uterine rupture, immediately arranged to do B super".

Based on Ms Zhang's accounts, doctors suspected that she had a uterine rupture on the site of the previous incision.

In Zhang's case, she told the doctors that she had developed tumors in the uterus after which she had them surgically removed.