Four Major Studios Join US Launch Of Disney's Movies Anywhere Digital Service

Postado Outubro 12, 2017

Today, Disney has launched the same service for Android users. - Disney's catalogue of movies, is set to partner up with UltraViolet, a similar cloud service that features the film catalogues of Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox, and Universal Pictures.

I was shown a demo Wednesday that was fairly nifty: If you have, say, movies on iTunes and Vudu accounts, you simply sign in to those accounts through Disney Movies Anywhere and they immediately show up in your library on the platform. And Movies Anywhere will also be offering comprehensive support for redemption codes, so any Blu-rays or DVDs that come with codes for UltraViolet or Disney Movies Anywhere copies will also work with the new service.

Customers can use a free app to connect their Movies Anywhere account with participating digital retailers, and Movies Anywhere will sync the library across accounts so users can stream or download on a wide variety of devices (including Amazon Fire, Android and Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, iOS devices and Roku devices).

"Movies Anywhere is a massive step forward for the consumer digital media experience, bringing the incredible film libraries of five studios together in a virtual one-stop movie-watching shop", said Karin Gilford, GM of the service.

Google Play Movies is adding support for the new service, which means that you'll now be able to access your online locker of digital movies that goes beyond just Disney flicks.

Movies Anywhere will allow consumers to buy movies and then store them in a "digital locker" which they can access from supported devices.

Are you interested in signing up for Movies Anywhere?

Conceptually, Movies Anywhere appears to be the common-sense solution consumers should have had years ago. Entertainment purchased or redeemed through digital retailers Amazon Video, Google Play, iTunes and Vudu, Movies Anywhere brings the movies people love together to create a simple, seamless digital entertainment experience across platforms.

Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate are notably absent from the Movies Anywhere stable.

Movies Anywhere allows consumers to have up to five subaccounts, in addition to the master account.

In celebration of this exciting new digital entertainment destination, Movies Anywhere is welcoming new users with a limited-time offer to receive up to five digital movies. Linking to a second retailer gives consumers free access to "Big Hero 6", "Jason Bourne" and "The Lego Movie". The team behind Movies Anywhere seems to have learned from UltraViolet's mistakes, however, as well as Disney's previous successes. Hollywood has not always been quick to understand what consumers actually want or need when it comes to digital movie purchases, but it looks like Movies Anywhere is the best attempt yet.