Game Boy Classic potentially teased in Nintendo trademark

Postado Outubro 12, 2017

It started with the NES Classic Edition and followed with the SNES Classic Edition, and it's understood from patent documentation that Nintendo is working on a N64 Classic Edition as well.

Trademark applications can be very broad, but with Nintendo's recent trend of shrinking down classic consoles, a Game Boy Classic Mini doesn't seem like too much of a stretch of the imagination.

But now Nintendo might be about to do the same for its handheld Game Boy brand, at least if a new trademark filing by the firm is any indication. I'm pretty sure I've still got the original in a cupboard somewhere!

The application, which was submitted on 15 September, was accompanied by an image of the Game Boy.

The trademark doesn't mention the mooted Game Boy Classic by name, but as noted by Gears of Biz, instead covers a variety of merchandising opportunities employing the Game Boy brand including wallets, bags, pouches, clothing, umbrellas and more. The tweet from the bot also notes that the filing covers programs and storage for "home video game machines" and "portable electronic game machines".

A similar move came prior to Nintendo's release of its NES Classic and Super NES Classic.

However, while miniaturising the NES Classic and SNES Classic certainly made them more appealing to modern gamers, doing the same thing to the Game Boy is, arguably, completely unnecessary. It could be we have to wait until this time next year before the N64 Classic Edition even surfaces, let alone a possible Game Boy Classic Edition.unless we get both at once?