Metro Detroit mom jailed for not vaccinating son to appear in court

Postado Outubro 12, 2017

A MI judge has reduced the child custody rights of a woman who was jailed for not following through on a court order to vaccinate her nine-year-old son. She says the vaccinations go against her religious beliefs.

Horne has had visitation with his son every other weekend and on Wednesdays, but now the two parents are to split custody 50/50.

The boy's father, James Horne, wanted his son vaccinated and had them administered on Monday, when he had custody of the child, USA Today reported.

McDonald found Bredow in contempt of court last week and ordered her jailed.

The judge went on to list a series of things Bredow did without the dad's consent, saying "it's clear to me that you don't care about orders".

"I take full responsibility for my actions and it was not my intent to disrespect your honor or disobey the court's orders", she said in the hearing. "The conditions in Oakland County Jail, they're terrible", Bredow said."You know, it was the worst five day of my life pretty much, you know, except for the fact that I just found out he was vaccinated and I'm not getting him back today, you know?" Now, he will have temporary custody to take the child to get vaccinated while she goes to jail.

MI is one of 17 states that allows for medical, religious, and philosophical exemptions from vaccines.

However, Bredow told WXYZ she was permitted to delay her son's shots for personal, medical or religious reasons. Horne has taken his son on alternate weekends.

The metro Detroit mother who was jailed for not vaccinating her son will appear in court on Wednesday morning. Her attorney plans to appeal.

After Bredow said that she and her ex-husband agreed until recently on not vaccinating their child, the judge said that Bredow acknowledged in her own pleadings that he was up-to-date on his vaccinations when he was a year old.