Taika Waititi Confirms He Would Cast Asian Leads — Akira' Remake Casting

Postado Outubro 12, 2017

House yesterday walked along the red carpet at the premiere of the latest Marvel blockbuster with the A-List cast, including Australia's Chris Hemsworth and Cate Blanchett.

The upcoming Hellboy reboot was also accused of whitewashing after casting Ed Skrein as Benjamin Daimio, a character of mixed Asian heritage.

Taika Waititi's career behind the camera is about to skyrocket. The comic book film studio has a knack for finding talent that has not yet broken out and then gives them the platform to become highly sought after superstars. Filmmakers such as George Miller, Stephen Norrington, Jaume Collet-Serra and - most recently - Jordan Peele have been approached or worked on different versions, which have ranged from an epic, two-part adaptation, to a more cost-effective version that Collet-Serra developed.

Kiwi actor Karl Urban is looking extremely suave in his suit on his way to watch the film, no doubt in a limousine.

Waititi has been doing an on-going press tour for Thor: Ragnarok ahead of its release, and IGN had a chance to speak with the director at one stop.

For now, the director seems to be keeping his options open regarding the movie, and since Thor: Ragnarok looks set to be a huge hit, he'll have no shortage of career options. However, one thing is clear: If he does sign on to the project, he would remain faithful to the source material by casting Asian actors. Otomo's manga was well-adapted in the anime, but the six volumes allowed for a longer timeline and more subplots and characters throughout the story. This year, especially, public awareness of the need for increased Asian representation has picked up steam, with criticism directed towards Paramount Pictures' Ghost in the Shell, starring Scarlett Johansson, and Netflix's Death Note. That's saying nothing about past attempts like The Fist Of The North Star, The Last Airbender and Dragonball: Evolution either.

One of the concerns fans of Akira have about a Hollywood remake of the film involve whitewashing.

Taika Waititi's next directorial project is expected to be the World War II dramedy Jojo Rabbit, which reportedly begins filming next spring.