Twelfth straight quarter of weaker computer sales

Postado Outubro 12, 2017

Apple held the fourth spot with 4.9 million sales and a 7.3 percent share, a slight improvement on the 7.2 percent share it held for the third quarter of previous year.

While HP Inc and Lenovo shipped nearly the same number of units during the quarter.

The company experienced double-digit growth in Latin America while in Asia/Pacific, HP Inc secured positive growth for the fifth consecutive quarter.

However, "HP in an upward trend as it has experienced five consecutive quarter of global PC growth, while Lenovo is in a downward trend with declining shipments in eight of the last 10 quarters", Gartner said.

"While there were signs of stabilisation in the PC industry in key regions, including EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa), Japan and Latin America, the relatively stable results were offset by the USA market, which saw a 10 percent (year-over-year) decline", said Mika Kitagawa, Principal Analyst at Gartner.

The data includes all types of PC (including desktop models), but does not include Chromebook computers or iPad devices. The Fall in PC shipments is expected to continue till end of 2018.

HP Inc saw growth in all key regions except in the United States market. Lenovo experienced its steepest fall in U.S. shipments year-over-year since it bought IBM's PC division in 2005.

Gartner said Lenovo appeared to be caught between increasing market share or profits and looked to be placing more emphasis on profitability.

The decline in PC shipments is a result of variety of factors, first one being that there isn't as much in-demand for PCs now than it was earlier along with component shortages.

While consumer demand remained lacklustre, PC demand in the business segment remained steady, especially for notebooks.

In China, a decline of 5% was seen. Shipments were more stable in the business market, particularly for large enterprises, than for the home market.