Holcomb Reveals 2018 Legislative Agenda

Postado Novembro 09, 2017

Wednesday, he announced his 2018 agenda called NextLevel 2018.

Gov. Eric Holconb announced today a record breaking year for IN jobs, with commitments this year that will create almost 29,000 new jobs IN IN IN the coming years.

Gov. Holcomb said, "We're turning this thing on its head".

Part of a roughly $31 billion bi-annual budget that passed previous year, this agenda is more of a specific outline of programs the governor is starting or continuing.

It's unknown how many jobs announcements were made in the state in prior years, how many jobs were created without IEDC participation and how many jobs were eliminated in IN during the same 11 months.

A skilled workforce includes giving communities the money and flexibility to create work training and education programs. "We'll create career pathways for high school juniors and seniors", said Gov. Holcomb. As well as tackling the drug epidemic by establishing a felony charge for drug-induced homicide, and a felony murder charge for people who make underground drugs that wind up in a drug-induced death.

Holcomb explained "We will be judged by our actions. In 2018, we will take IN to the next level with an unwavering focus on the issues that matter most to Hoosiers and our state's vitality".

About the Governor's agenda announcement, Indiana House Speaker Brian C. Bosma (R)- Indianapolis, said "Indiana's strong economy continues to pay dividends through record job creation and low unemployment". Wages average $21.52 an hour for existing IN jobs.