Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Version 1.3.3 Released

Postado Novembro 09, 2017

This one is nice and easy, since there's only one really important large bridge in the Zelda lore - the bridge that crosses Lake Hylia, most famous for its appearance as the site of a jousting match in Twilight Princess. This is actually a deceptively useful skill and is only replicated in the main game with the story-connected Zora Armor, so it's a very useful little free addition indeed. When you head towards it you'll discover it's a red glowing chest. When you reach those places you need to turn your eyes to the skies at night, and if you're in the right position you'll see a shooting star fly across the sky. Just look to the right of Death Mountain on your map, looking for an area that's no longer mountainous but before you hit the coast.

The nearest shrine isn't so much near as much as it is your destination - atop the right-hand eye of skull lake's titular feature is the Zuna Kai Shrine. Stand atop this area on the entrance area to the shrine and look east - you'll eventually hear the star drop. Chase it down and you'll get the Salvager Vest from the chest.

Speaking of champions, Breath of the Wild's Champion's Ballad expansion is still due this year - although we're yet to get a release date. Inside the chest that drops you'll find the final piece, the Salvager Trousers. You'll still have a climb from here, and atop the mountain peak you'll find a Korok hiding under a stone.

The last of the shooting star hint locations is hardest to reach.

As pictued, the Goma Asaagh shrine is the nearest shrine, and even then you'll have quite a bit of climbing to do. Nintendo revealed a lot more information about it during Xenoblade's dedicated Direct presentation earlier this week, and now the company has given us a closer look at the open-world RPG.