Google Assistant can now broadcast messages through your Google Home devices

Postado Novembro 13, 2017

Google has updated its Google Home speaker lineup so that you can easily send a message to everyone in your home or office.

If you have Google Assistant on your phone, you can now shout out a message to all your Google Home speakers, allowing families to get their kids out of bed or remind granny to pick up the phone. Will you be using this feature? So when you need to round up the family in the morning, just say "Ok Google, broadcast it's time for school!" and your message will broadcast to all Assistant enabled speakers in your home. Simply tell your Google Home, "Ok, Google, broadcast" and then whatever message you'd like, and your voice will then be played on all Google Homes connected throughout your house. All these Google Home devices have to be on the same Wi-Fi network, and at least one member of your household has to sign into their Goole account on each of the Google Home devices. It'll even ring a dinner bell if you say "OK Google, broadcast it's dinner time". You don't have to be near a Google Home speaker for this feature to work, either.

You might have had a home intercom system if you grew up between the 70s and 80s, and that's exactly the kind of functionality Broadcast offers.

In addition to using Broadcast while you're home, you can also use the feature on your phone with the Google Assistant to do the same thing.

While that sounds a little weird, it'll definitely be a useful feature to many people.