Finally, Bengal wins 'Rosogolla war' over Odisha

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

One of the most popular Bengali candies, Rosogolla, has been the bone of contention between West Bengal and Odisha, as the two states have been involved in a legal battle over its origins.

West Bengal on Tuesday won the battle for the sweet rosogulla against Odisha after the Geographical Identification authorities ruled that it originated in Bengal. "Sweet news for us all. We are very happy and proud that #Bengal has been granted GI ( Geographical Indication) status for Rosogolla", she said.

The West Bengal claim was on the basis of historical facts that Bengal is the father of Rosgulla.

Ever since both the governments asked for a Geographical Indication in 2015, the sweet had found itself at the centre of an interesting tug of war with West Bengal claiming it was invented by a Calcutta confectioner Nabin Chandra Das also known as the "Columbus of Rossogolla".

Bengal had told the GI registrar office that the one in Odisha is a different variety.The Bengal one is off white or light cream coloured, spherical in shape while in other states, it varies from brown to other colours. Odisha calls it "Pahala Rasgulla".

GIs are signs used on products that possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.

Two years after West Bengal and Odisha started a bitter battle over Rosogolla - round balls of chenna (indian cottage cheese) dipped in overflowing sugar syrups - the verdict is finally out.