GameStop Temporarily Halts PowerPass Unlimited Used Games Rental Service

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

GameStop has now put the PowerPass feature temporarily on hold.

A GameStop spokesperson told Kotaku: "We have elected to temporarily pause the roll out of the new PowerPass subscription service, based on a few program limitations we have identified". Essentially, you could use GameStop as a type of pre-owned video game library.

According to GameStop staff speaking with Kotaku, the company told employees yesterday to pull down all signage relating to the program and store them in their backrooms.

GameStop's all-you-can-eat subscription to used games has been suspended, apparently over concerns with how the aging computer systems in the company's 7,000 stores can handle and track checkouts.

There is no word when the program will be reinstated.

Keep an eye out as GameStop provides more information about PowerPass, and possible changes to the program.

Those guests who have already purchased the service, we are allowing them to bring the pass and video game they have checked out, back to receive a full refund. And after every six months, subscribers could pick a free pre-owned game to take back home.

Assuming PowerPass is relaunched in a functional manner sometime in 2018, this is still not the outcome GameStop wanted right now. Still, even in areas with poor download speeds or rampant data caps from ISPs, customers might be inclined to order new games from Amazon rather than go to a retail outlet.

According to leaked documentation regarding PowerPass, the service was supposed to officially launch on November 19. Although GameStop didn't get into specifics, it did confirm that it has chose to delay the introduction of the program - for now.