Google punches up doodle tribute to the office hole puncher

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

A couple of Years ago, Sir, Friedrich Soennecken documented an everlasting and surprising patent for the opening puncher or what shall we say a Papierlocher fur Sammelmappen that's we it's named.

German scientist Friedrich Soennecken filed a patent for the punching machine on November 14, 1886. But Google seems to have credited Soennecken with the invention. Today (November 14) is the 131st Anniversary of the Hole Puncher, the humble stationery product that is a part of most homes and offices. Besides the hole puncher, he has invented a binder and a special nib for ink pens suitable for calligraphy.

The doodle shows the Google logo made up of colourful paper circles - all except the second "g" which is replaced by a blue sheet of paper. It utilizes a lever and spring framework to enable the client to fix up and punch gaps with barrel-shaped edges through stacked sheets of paper easily.

To celebrate the 131st anniversary of that filing, Google has created an animated doodle that demonstrates the joy often associated with a successful punch.

"The satisfying, tiresome "click!" of the blade as it punches through the sheets".

Google describes the hole puncher as an understated but essential artifact of German engineering.

While not quite as indispensable as the stapler, the hole puncher has been a staple of business offices for more than a century. The hole puncher doodle reaches countries across Europe, North America, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and India. These doodles can be found on Google's website.