Google Removes UC Browser From Google Play

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

Now, Google is telling app makers that they must show how accessibility code is helping disabled users or their apps will be removed from the Play Store within 30 days. However, developers like LastPass have been using the functions for other purposes like autofilling passwords and overlaying content. It is noted that this API can affect other apps and can be used for potential data theft. If the developers are unable to convince the search giant within 30 days of receiving the mail, their apps will be removed from the Play Store. Alternatively, you can remove any requests for accessibility services within your app. "Your app must comply with our Permissions policy and the Prominent Disclosure requirements of our User Data policy". "This is really bad news", Universal Copy's developer said on the Reddit Android Reddit.

We've had app shortcuts for a while now.

Tasker's developer said that it will have to replace the accessibility services with different code. "I plan to replace app detection with usage stats API", they wrote on a Google forum.

As first reported by XDA Developers, a number of app developers have received an e-mail from Google in regard to their accessibility app.

Accessibility apps can intercept KeyEvents (hardware key presses), which is useful for doing something like remapping the hardware Bixby key on Samsung devices.

Google's new policy of only allowing the accessibility API for accessibility purposes definitely seems to be new, as many of these apps are years old and have existed in the Play Store without issue. We've reached out to Google for more information.