Here's why India celebrates Children's Day on November 14

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

So what if we can't stop complaining about there being very few children's films made but Bollywood loves children and for all various reasons. Children's Day is celebrated every year on 14 November to honour Nehru's birthday.

Though Children's day in India is celebrated on November 14, the Universal Children's Day is acknowledged on November 20. Indian Children day has its roots back to 1959. For his fond love towards children, he got the title of Chacha Nehru or Chacha Ji. As we all agree children are the seeds of the plant which will give us sweet fruits and they are the bright sunshine of the society with great future.

Children's day is celebrated all over in the world to adore the innocence of a child, to make them feel special for their role for the future.

The Congress on Tuesday paid tributes to India's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru on his 128th birth anniversary, with party vice-president calling him a "brilliant compassionate man".

Children's Day is also observed as International Day for Protection for Children in many nations on June 1. Students and youth are regarded with appreciation on this day which is marked in history as the birth date of one of the nation's most admired leader - Jawaharlal Nehru. May you always find something to laugh about.

In his Children's Day interaction with school children in 2005, he told the young children who had assembled from different parts of the country, that apart from excelling in studies, they should also strive to become good human beings.

Our children can achieve great things when we set high expectations for them.