Mozilla's new Firefox Quantum browser is looking to give Chrome some competition

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

It doesn't mean that today's Firefox is as fast and responsive as it's going to be.

NOT FOR PROFIT browser maker the Mozilla Foundation has taken its long-awaited Firefox 57, aka Quantum browser, out of beta, representing the firm's attempts to re-establish its market share after several years of decline.

What are your views on Firefox Quantum? The download links for Firefox Quantum or Firefox 57, whatever you would like to call, will pop-up on this page. Photon doesn't just look good, it's also smarter.

Firefox Quantum uses a series of algorithms to make itself twice as fast as Firefox builds from this Spring. If you use Quantum on a Windows PC with a touch display, the menus change size based on whether you click with a mouse or touch with a finger.

Firefox Quantum is out now and works across Windows, Mac and Linux with the new look rolling out on iOS and Android too.

Firefox Quantum enhances Firefox's integration with Pocket, the read-it-later app that Mozilla acquired past year.

The new, minimalist design introduces square tabs, smooth animations, and a Library, which provides quick access to your saved stuff: bookmarks, Pocket, history, downloads, tabs, and screenshots. The new browser also includes Pocket recommendations of what sites to browse on every new tab.

While Firefox has historically run mostly on just one CPU core, Firefox Quantum finally takes advantage of multiple CPU cores on desktop and mobile. The new version, which Mozilla calls "by far the biggest update since Firefox 1.0 in 2004", brings massive performance improvements and a visual redesign. Protection against HTML5 canvas fingerprinting - another way that users can be tracked around the internet - will be released in v58, This is a feature borrowed from Tor Browser.