Piyush Goyal answers questions on bullet trains on Quora

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

By now, this is a question that most of us have pondered over.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal today said he has asked officials not to entertain any requests - not even from him - for letting trains pass when maintenance work is being carried out because track renewal is essential for safety. "The Mumbai - Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail project, is a visionary project by the NDA Government which will herald a new era of safety, speed and service for the people, and help Indian Railways become an worldwide leader in scale, speed, and skill", Goyal claimed.

In his 884-word defence of the Mumbai-Ahmedabad bullet train project, interspersed with graphics and photographs of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Goyal said upgrading current rail networks and developing new high-speed rail corridors is a "major component of India's developmental plan".

Even as the project got lukewarm response with some even suggesting that the government should first fix the existing network before dreaming of the bullet train, Mr Goyal said that introduction of a technology is often met with resistance but it eventually goes on to usher in change. "New technology has not always been adopted easily, and has at most times seen resistance". For example, we see that naysayers had also criticised the start of the Rajdhani Trains in 1968.

Giving another example, Goyal argued that many thought India was not ready for new technology like mobile phones, but today India is the second largest market for such phones in the world with nearly every Indian owning a mobile phone set.

He mentioned how the "Bullet Train" project will also help Indian Railways revolutionize every passenger's journey and then stated few pointers explaining the same. After making his argument, Goyal gave a detailed report of how the bullet train was a "low-cost project", how it would promote PM Modi's "Make in India" doctrine, how it would work with cutting edge Japanese technology and how it would usher in economic growth by creating thousands of new jobs.