Pokemon GO Adds Alola Items From Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

As a nice surprise for any hardcore Pokemon fans looking forward to the launch of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon on November 17th, Pokemon GO players can now dress their avatar with new items from the Alola region.

To obtain the colorful new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon outfits for your player Avatars in Pokemon GO, all you need to do is simply head to the in-game shop, and purchase them. Well, according to the Pokemon GO website, you are now able to dress your avatar that evokes the Alola region from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon.

To equip the clothing outfits for your player Avatar whenever you've picked them up from the in-game Pokemon GO store, simply head into the wardrobe and select the appropriate outfit.

There's been a lot of synergy between Pokemon Go and the other games in the franchise lately, adding some more zest to the app.

Pokemon Go gamers get access to one free set of Alolan clothes per gender, both sets reflecting the styles seen in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon with its breezy tropical vibe. It might take some time for Niantic to get to Gen 7 Pokemon of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, especially since Niantic's only been adding two new sets of Pokemon every year. Whether you want to show support for Ultra Sun and Moon, like flaunting your avatar customization, or just miss the summer, you might be tempted to pick these up.

The new outfits are Pokemon Go's second reference to the new Pokemon games in recent months. Could we see this as a more common practice within Pokemon GO in the future?