The Gaslamp Killer Files Defamation Suit Against Rape Accusers

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

In October, Chelsea Tadros wrote a shocking post on Twitter accusing the EDM artist of drugging and raping her and friend RaeAn Medina at The Standard hotel in 2013.

USA producer The Gaslamp Killer, real name William Bensussen, is suing the two women who have accused him of drugging and sexually assaulting them for defamation.

In Bensussen's complaint, obtained by Pitchfork, the producer calls Chelsea's original statement "malicious and fabricated" and says that his sexual encounter with the two women was "consensual".

She said that he had come and addressed them in the wake of perceiving her companion RaeAn Medina, who he had met beforehand at a celebration.

The third defendant is reportedly named on the lawsuit because he has continued to assert Tadros's claims online. He says that he has a witness who saw him buy drinks for the women, who will testify that he did not tamper with them. The musician is seeking unspecified damages.