Twitter account that demonised Muslim woman was Russian fake

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

It showed a group of people gathered around a victim of the Westminster attack, while the woman, with her phone in her hand, appeared like she was undeterred by what was going on.

A Twitter account that wrongly accused a Muslim woman of ignoring the victims of the Westminster terror attack was run from Russian Federation, it has been revealed. I would like to thank Jamie Lorriman, the photographer who took the picture, for speaking to the media in my defence'.

He told the news site: "Her behaviour was completely in line with everyone else on the bridge, but you're not assuming others are callously ignoring the scenario".

The Muslim woman, who has not been named, was forced to defend herself after the tweet, and said that she had helped victims in the aftermath of the attack.

At the time, users turned on the @SouthLoneStar tweet, which claimed to be from a "Proud Texan and American patriot".

It was one of many accounts identified as Kremlin linked which were mainly focused on USA politics but dabbled in wider issues in Europe. Not only that, but it also churned out tonnes of pro-Brexit messages as well before last year's referendum. They have all been suspended by Twitter.

"I hope United Kingdom after #BrexitVote will start to clean their land from muslim invasion!" the user once tweeted.

These troll accounts are believed to have been churned out by Kremlin-backed "troll factory" Internet Research Agency that tweets out controversial, divisive content to sow discord in the United States and United Kingdom and influence political opinion. Tech giants Twitter, Facebook and Google have admitted that Russian operatives bought thousands of dollars worth of politically divisive ads on their platforms and were recently grilled by lawmakers.

Damian Collins, head of the Culture, Media and Sport Committee who is leading the inquiry, said that it showed Russian accounts were trying to "influence political debate in the United Kingdom and also to insight hatred and turn communities against each other".

"I think it shows that Russian-controlled accounts have been politically active in the United Kingdom as well as America", Collins said, The Wired reported.