Twitter is Angry 'Justice League' Changed the Amazon Costumes After 'Wonder Woman'

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

Feminists are up in arms over an Amazon makeover in the new, male-directed film "Justice League", which stripped the warrior women down to skimpier versions of the outfits they wore in the female-directed "Wonder Woman".

Others came to the defence of "Justice League", sharing photos of the Amazons from other moments of the film, in which they can be seen wearing more protective armour that covered their midriffs. "Zack Snyder's on the right". First designed by Lindy Hemming, second by Michael Wilkinson. But in new photos from the set of Justice League, their garb is substantially... less than there was before.

As pointed out by The Golden Lasso, as well as on Twitter by freelance writer Atte Timonen, it looks like the battle armor worn by the Amazons in this year's Wonder Woman has allegedly been redesigned for Justice League, and fans aren't thrilled (for obvious reasons).

However, the allegations of sexism and objectification have since been refuted by one fan who claims that the full armour also features in Justice League, with the "skimpy" outfits merely being their training gear.

Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman costume does not appear to have been significantly changed from "Wonder Woman" or her first appearance in "Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice". "To be fair, it's possible that the scene in which we see the Amazons in JL takes place in the distant past, as implied by the trailers. I don't even wanna see that movie, I just hate misinformation", John S.Troutman wrote.