Viral photo shows Walmart cashier helping man struggling to count change

Postado Novembro 14, 2017

An act of kindness has spread across social media after a MS woman was touched by one Walmart cashiers good deed.

"His hands and voice are shaking", she said.

Bowlin shared a photo of the heartwarming moment on Facebook, saying, "I want to be more like her". "We will do this together, '" Bowlin said.

Spring Bowlin said she was waiting in the checkout line at Walmart last week when she noticed the customer in front of her was having trouble counting his change at the cash register.

A sweet photo of a woman helping an older man count change is taking Facebook by storm.

After the man left, Bowlin thanked the cashier for her patience.

The customer's hands began to quiver after failing to correctly count the change in his first attempt.

When the transaction was over and the man walked away, Bowlin thanked the cashier for being so kind and patient with him.

Comments on Bowlin's post have been overwhelmingly positive, with many saying the cashier is an example more people should strive towards. "What's wrong with our world is we've forgotten how to love one another, '" the post reads.

"This lady just showed everyone how we should be each and every day", wrote another.

Commenters also shared their thoughts on whether or not this story was "newsworthy".