Adventurer declares himself 'king' of unclaimed land in North Africa

Postado Novembro 15, 2017

Dixit learnt about this unclaimed land, Bir Tawil when he was travelling for a conference in Cairo. Bir Tawil's existence is the result of a border drawn up by the British in 1899.

"The route that I took is under Egyptian military (it is an global border) and is an area of terrorists so military have "shoot at sight" orders", Dixit said on Facebook, the Telegraph reported Tuesday.

DEHRADUN: Suyash Dixit, a 24-year-old businessman from Indore, has proclaimed himself "king" of a 2,000 sq km area between Egypt and Sudan, which is the largest unclaimed habitable territory in the world.

Suyash Dixit reportedly found the area called Bir Tawil - meaning "deep well" in Arabic. You need permissions to even enter the route to this place.

He planned his journey over two nights in Egypt and then convinced a local driver to take him to the remote outpost, according to the Telegraph. We drove for 6 hours straight in the middle of the desert and barren lands and crossing 1 military base to the location.

Dixit has also created a website, encouraging others to apply for citizenship. "Now I know that some 5-10 folks have done it in the past as well but this is my land now (as I have officially planted the seeds following the rules) and if they want it back, there will be a war (over a cup of coffee at the Starbucks probably)!" (Please?) This is no joke, I own a country now! Earlier in 2014, an American had travelled to the desert land to make his daughter a princess of the "Kingdom of North Sudan".

"Under worldwide law, only states can assert sovereignty over territory", Anthony Arend, co-founder of the Institute for global Law and Politics at Georgetown University, told The Washington Post in 2014.