Kapil Sharma on 'Firangi' not being a typical pre-independence day film

Postado Novembro 15, 2017

Months after dropping off the radar for treatment, Kapil Sharma recently returned to the public eye and is already making news again. Subsequently, the show's team had no choice but to make last-minute changes in the script due to Kapil's absence and cancel his integration. The movie also features Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, and Monica Gill in the lead role.

When asked the comedian that does his movie is a based on the typical pre-independence movie like the audience have earlier seen in the Bollywood? When the audience will see the movie they will see the different flavors in the movie. It has romance, fun, comedy, emotion and action too. But we wanted to show a lighter side of that period because at time too people were living normal lives. However, the movie shows some sense of patriotism too and it is a complete family entertainer. Kapil says that he is playing the character which is quite innocent.

Talking about his character, he said, "He just wants to work for his family". Then he falls in a love with a girl and with time he understands that if he wants to be with her then he has to work and he finally gets a job with the Britishers. But then he gets to know that his grandfather doesn't like anyone or anything, who or which, is related with Britishers. "An hour later, they were informed that Kapil will not turn up as he is unwell and his doctor has advised him rest", a source told the tabloid. In the movie, Kapil Sharma is portraying the character of Monga and the whole movie will revolve around his character. He is now looking forward to the release of Firangi, which is to hit screens on November 24.