Shep Smith defended HRC & Uranium One, then faced an ungodly Twitter storm the likes he's never seen

Postado Novembro 15, 2017

"Morning Joe" offered some trollish praise onWednesday to Shepard Smith, the longtime Fox News anchor who offered a systemic take-down on Tuesday of the Hillary Clinton Uranium 1 scandal that other organs of his network have obsessed over for weeks.

As Shep also points out, those ranting about the Uranium One deal also maintain that Hillary approved the sale of the uranium as a quid pro quo.

Smith played the role of Clinton advocate as he described a deal that sent 20 percent of the United States' uranium to Russian Federation.

"The accusation [was] first made by Peter Schweizer, the senior editor at large of the website Breitbart, in his 2015 book, "Clinton Cash, ' " Smith continued". "The next year, candidate Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpDems win from coast to coast Falwell after Gillespie loss: "'DC should annex" Northern Virginia Dems see gains in Virginia's House of Delegates MORE cited the accusation as an example of Clinton corruption".

Smith then played a clip from a June 2016 speech Trump gave in New York City in which he repeated the claim.

But Smith called it inaccurate in a number of ways.

There's never been any evidence that Clinton acted inappropriately and, as Smith notes, "the Clinton State Department had no power to approve or veto that transaction".

"The accusation is predicated on the charge that Secretary Clinton approved the sale", he said. Following pressure from the president and several Republican members of Congress, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced earlier this week that the Justice Department would consider appointing a special counsel to review the deal as well as other matters involving Clinton and other Democrats.

"A committee of nine evaluated the sale, the president approved the sale, the nuclear regulatory commission and others had to offer permits, and none of the uranium was exported for use by the Russian Federation", he said. "That is Uranium One".