Flight Lands With Bird Stuck in Nose

Postado Novembro 17, 2017

A Daily Mail report said the Florida-bound plane was on approach to Miami International Airport when a bird smashed into the nose of the Airbus A319.

Photos of the incident show the bird still stuck on the plane even after the in-air impact.

A bird flew into the front of the air craft while it was landing and became lodged by its beak.

The plane had likely begun its descent at that point, as it landed in Miami at 11:25 a.m.

Nobody was injured in the incident, WPLG reported.

An American Airlines employee who spoke to Local 10 News said she had never seen anything like what happened Tuesday.

Animal services eventually removed the dead bird from the plane.

The plane was taken to a maintenance area for assessment and was replaced by another aircraft for upcoming flights.

According to the latest figures from the Federal Aviation Administration, there have been more than 142,000 wildlife strikes with civil aircraft in the United States since 1990, around 90 percent of which occur below 3,500ft.