CBS sees no quick resolution in fee dispute with Dish Network

Postado Novembro 23, 2017

An ongoing dispute between CBS and Dish Network could prevent subscribers in 18 major markets - including Los Angeles and Dallas - from watching the network's Thanksgiving NFL game between the Los Angeles Chargers and Dallas Cowboys.

CBS O&O's have been dark on DISH systems in 14 of the country's largest markets since Tuesday morning, as have eight CW affiliates, three independent stations and two MyNetwork TV affiliates. Dish says more than 2 million customers nationwide are impacted by the blackout. "The channels could come back today if CBS would allow it".

A statement from CBS on Wednesday said Dish was "using CBS's three cable networks as an excuse for why they haven't struck a deal".

CBS also argued that Dish pays more for certain cable networks that have fewer viewers than CBS.

DISH Subscribers also will miss coverage of the SEC ON CBS on Friday, Nov. 24 with Missouri at Arkansas at 2:30 PM, ET and the Iron Bowl on Saturday, Nov. 25 (3:30 PM, ET) featuring undefeated and No. 1-ranked Alabama at No. 6-ranked Auburn, battling for the right to play in the SEC Championship Game against No. 7-ranked Georgia on Saturday, Dec. 2, (4:00 PM, ET) broadcast on CBS.

"Dish, I am so over you it's unreal", one customer wrote on Dish's Facebook page.

Dish Network and Hearst Television have reached a new retransmission consent agreement covering the broadcaster's 31 local stations. "This particular dispute is yet another example of the company punishing its subscribers instead of negotiating a fair carriage deal that reflects the current marketplace".

The Englewood, Colo., satellite TV provider has offered its subscribers a free over-the-air antenna so they can continue to watch CBS.

Estimate are major TV station/affiliate owners, including those that also own broadcast networks, are now looking to make deals with pay TV operators - cable, satellite, and telco - for $1.50 to $2.00 per subscriber per month, increasing to $2.00 to $2.50 over the course of a multi-year retransmission/carriage contract, according to reports.

CBS, based in NY, is striving to deliver on a promise to Wall Street that it would collect more than $2.5 billion annually in retransmission fees by 2020. Occasionally, however, programming blackouts can last for weeks. CBS denied Dish's request to extend its agreement while a new one is being negotiated because the sides are so far apart.