Slain Baltimore detective was to testify in indicted officers case

Postado Novembro 23, 2017

"The BPD and Federal Bureau of Investigation do not possess any information that this incident ... is part of any conspiracy", Commissioner Davis claimed.

Davis said that the acting US attorney told him that Suiter was set to testify the day after he was killed in a grand jury investigation involving some Baltimore police officers who were indicted, but he was not targeted because of that.

Davis said there was evidence found on Suiter's shirt that indicated a struggle he called "brief and violent" and lasted mere seconds. Police now say Suiter was shot at close range while investigating a triple homicide in west Baltimore.

Suiter served 18 years with the police department was 43-years-old and leaves behind a wife and five children. That repeat search recovered the bullet that killed Suiter, Davis said Wednesday.

Suiter was shot November 15 and succumbed to his wounds the following day.

The slain officer's partner took cover across the street during the shooting, Fox 45 reported.

His funeral will be held on November 29 at Mt. The initial suspect description of a black man wearing a black jacket with a white stripe came from the partner.

The manhunt for his killer continues as a $215,000 reward is being offered for information that leads to the shooter's arrest. "He was following up on a brutal murder in 2016".

The commissioner said conspiracy theories swirling around the investigation are "certainly a distraction for leadership" and are "very hurtful for the Suiter family and friends".

However, he stressed that Suiter himself was not a subject of the federal investigation, and said the circumstances pointed to a totally spontaneous encounter.