TWRA charges four Carter Co. hunters with importing CWD deer carcasses

Postado Novembro 23, 2017

The farmed herd has been quarantined and a disease investigation has been started.

"In the effort to help prevent CWD from entering Tennessee, TWRA has placed importation restrictions for cervids, including deer, moose, and elk carcasses from any state that has found a positive case of CWD", said TWRA spokesperson Matt Cameron in a prepared statement.

A three-year-old white-tailed buck from a Winona County farm herd tested positive for the disease. "Those testing and movement records will significantly aid in our CWD investigation of this herd". The only other herd now quarantined in Minnesota due to CWD, an incurable brain and nerve disease fatal to deer and elk, is in Crow Wing County.

The Board says its next step is tracking the movement of deer into and out of this herd over the last five years. If investigators find that the deer moved into and out of other herds in Minnesota, those herds will become part of the investigation. Consuming infected meat is not advised.