Holloway, McGregor go tweet for tweet — MMA

Postado Dezembro 06, 2017

€420 million? €560 million? Aldo did everything he could to defend the strikes, but he had nothing left and Holloway didn't let-up until the referee got in between them to stop the fight.

He covered his tracks after the event was over, removing the stream from his broadcast history.

"I miss those sunglasses", McGregor wrote captioning a picture Holloway took with bandages above his right eye. At one point he even calls himself out for not blocking an attack.

At 25-years old, Max Holloway is the youngest fighter to earn 15 wins. How many speeding fines will €420 million bring him? However, Torres recovered well and got back to her game in the third to pick up the victory.

'If you want to be the best you've got the beat the best, and the best is 'Blessed, ' baby'.

Conor McGregor, the former UFC featherweight champion and current lightweight champion, who was last seen boxing Floyd Mayweather in September, tweeted out a photo of Holloway's face busted up after the two fought in 2013, with McGregor winning a unanimous decision. Lester appeared in the corner of the stream, wearing a pair of headphones and holding a controller while watching intensely and reacting to the punches as if he was in control of the action.

"He's (Aldo) the greatest of all time".

Maybe Sweeney and Conlon found a chink in his armour, maybe he was humoured by their characterisations of him, but his shot at Max Holloway was more true to his long established form of verbal jousting with other fighters.

It doesn't look like Lester tagged his original video as UFC 3 gameplay, but it's easy to imagine this one stream from a - by Lester's own admission, in a follow-up video - relatively unknown streamer slipping through the cracks.

Max Holloway's 18 UFC featherweight wins are the most in company history.

"I saw Dana (after the fight) and I was talking to him". He gave credit to his UFC 218 opponent Jose Aldo while still taking shots at the Irish superstar.

Holloway's 11-fight UFC winning streak in featherweight competition is the longest active streak in the division. It really is something to behold. If you watched his body language in certain clips that have also since been removed, you can see as he remembers he's putting on a show for his viewers and gets back to the charade.

'You know me and him made 12K that night and I think he's happy to hold onto that. There seems to be more to gain than to lose for all parties involved this match-up.