Pokemon Go: More Gen 3 Pokemon and Dynamic Weather Announced

Postado Dezembro 06, 2017

We also know that Niantic has made efforts to curb these numbers by preventing Pokemon Go from functioning when the phone's Global Positioning System suggests that the player is traveling at high speed but this brought along a negative effect on the gameplay experience.

It's something Niantic has teased for some time. Both in GDC presentions and past pre-release concept artwork. Along with this was the announcement of a new feature within the game, dynamic weather.

Best of all, this is more than a cosmetic change to the map, but rather a deeper level of gameplay that's so far been missing from the games. The Generation 3 creatures were first introduced in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, which launched in 2002 on the Game Boy Advance.

Keep reading for a full explanation on how it's going to impact the game moving forward.

According to a new press release from the developer, Pokemon GO with release the gen 3 starters later this week, along with a handful of other Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire.

Gen 3 Pokemon are coming!

"You'll want to start paying even closer attention to your local weather patterns, Trainers".

"For example, you'll find your odds of discovering Mudkip splashing around will greatly improve on rainy days, as certain Pokémon types will be more commonly found during various weather conditions".